The Laserman – the TV series


“The craftsmanship is outstanding and it has been allowed to cost. No expenses have been spared. Even the smallest parts are interpreted by full-fledged actors, which pays off. If you haven’t read the book, watch the series. And if you have read the book, watch the series anyway.”

Katarina Sahlin, Göteborgsposten

Mikael Marcimain’s three part TV series ”The Laserman”, based on the book by Gellert Tamas, is one of the most praised Swedish TV series of all times. The critics hailed Marcimain’s depictions of the characters and surroundings, as well as David Dencik’s interpretation of Ausonius, as unpleasant as it was genuine, and Hoyte van Hoyteman’s suggestive photography.

The Laserman was awarded the prestigious Crystal Prize (Kristallen) for the best TV series 2005. Among the actors were Ralph Carlsson, Sten Ljunggren and Amanda Ooms. The script was written by Ulf Ryberg.

“Nothing feels stolen, cribbed or copied, just refined and developed. It is rebirth rather than recycling, it’s the best in its kind that I have seen on TV in several decades.”

Johan Croneman, Dagens Nyheter

“However, there are moments when you get down on your knees in front of the TV and thank everything and everyone for the fact that we have Swedish Public Service Television. SVT. How else could a stupendous time document like The Laserman have been created? Quite possibly the best SVT show of the century. The three parts about Sweden’s worst serial killer make fantastic television.”

Viggo Cavling, Resumé