The Laserman – the play

“Bengt Ohlsson has written an intelligent and interesting play. He attempts to portray a man by creating the frame called time. It is a phantom picture – depicting a boy who is just trying to do what’s right. The line is fine between being virtuous and being a tabloid monster.”

Lars Ring, Svenska Dagbladet

The staging of the book The Laserman, with its script written by August Prize awarded author Bengt Ohlsson and directed by Susan Taslimi, puts a focus on the pictures of perpetrator and victim. What influences us, what makes us who we are. Eric Ericson, dressed in a suit and riding a bicycle, played the lead role. The play was well received by the critics and sold out when it played at Göteborgs Stadsteater.
“On the unassumingly decorated stage – Lili Riksén’s scenography reminds me of a concrete prison cell where news photos of [backstaplarna??/the crate heaping] Ian and Bert (Swedish politicians) sometimes sweep over the walls – now, then and feverish dreams are mixed together. It definitely gives a new perspective on a national trauma of this kind. A fragmentary form can offer its very own phantom picture of the enigma The Laserman; the audience is left to fill in the contours on their own.”

Johan Hilton, Expressen

” “In his book The Laserman – a Story about Sweden Gellert Tamas charts this shameful chapter in Swedish history. Bengt Ohlsson’s just as brilliant play has a different starting-point. His question is how the boy Wolfgang became the serial killer John Ausonius. And if he was the sole responsible or if others, too, should step forward to take their part of the blame.”

Tove Ellefsen Lysander, Aftonbladet