Another Day

Foto: TV4

Photo: TV4.

“In this documentary Gellert Tamas has moved on from investigative journalism to using a classical documentary method where the main characters themselves are allowed to move the story forward.”

Hanna Nilsson, Svenska Dagbladet

On the morning of the 26th of December 2004 an enormous wave sweeps in over large parts of Southeast Asia. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed. A few hours later Laila Menon and Tommy Jonsson walk among the debris and destruction in the Thai region of Khao Lak, in a desperate attempt to find their 14 year old daughter Mio. Only some hundred meters away the young Thai couple Soul and Judy Srisuwan are searching for Judy’s parents. Not only are their near one’s gone, the family’s life’s work, the Hotel Tropicana, has turned into a pile of ruins.

The film Another Day is a close up portrait of the grievous journeys of a Swedish and a Thai family the year after the disaster. Gellert Tamas and the photographer Henrik Hjort pose the difficult and eternal questions; How do you deal with the fact that a loved daughter, sister and parent are gone, how can life go on when everything seems to be lost…

“I see the movie in advance at the cinema Zita in Stockholm, and in front of me the family is seated. To harden oneself is not possible. Protected by the dark I raise my hand to wipe my cheeks.”

Lars Linder, Expressen

”Am I being unfair? Not being entirely satisfied with Gellert Tamas’ documentary Another Day. If so, I blame Tamas himself. With his book The Laserman Tamas achieved one of the great journalistic feats of our time. He also turned himself into an impossible competitor.”

Andreas Nordström, Expressen